WEEE, Batteries & Packaging Obligation Assessment

Welcome to Circular Compliance, where navigating complex regulatory landscapes becomes a seamless journey. Our WEEE, Batteries & Packaging Obligation Assessment service provides concise guidance and support, offering clarity and peace of mind.

1. Identification of your Legal Obligations

Navigate and fulfill the different requirements for WEEE, Batteries & Packaging registrations with our expertise. Our service goes beyond surface-level analysis. We conduct an in-depth examination of your business’s obligations across different European countries, leaving no room for ambiguity.

This includes:

  • Conducting assessments to determine registration obligations based on sales model & products sold
  • Identifying country-specific legal thresholds
  • Evaluating local compliance costs and providing a clear understanding of the financial impact, enabling your company to strategize effectively to minimize expenses.
  • Anticipating future compliance needs


The chart above exemplifies our tailored approach in identifying and addressing the unique compliance needs for your business across the world.

2. Compliance strategy for sales channel

Gain assessment on your company’s obligations. At Circular Compliance, we’re here to simplify environmental compliance for your business on a global scale. Whether you sell directly to customers or collaborate with local distributors, your sales model impacts your obligations. We not only help you understand your responsibilities but also guide you on your local partners’ obligations.

Our expertise extends to implementing WEEE compliance solutions in countries where you have obligations or in countries where you may want to register voluntarily to protect your brand reputation or facilitate local resellers in selling your products.

Our services guarantee identifying potential compliance risks through dedicated and extensive assessments, positioning your business not just for compliance but for optimal strategic alignment with regulatory requirements, ensuring a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

3. Global Coverage

Meet the demands of the European WEEE Directive and other international legislation, ensuring compliance across Europe and beyond. Tailored to identify the challenges of each country, our service ensures that your business adheres to the varying requirements of Environmental Compliance, no matter where you operate.

Expand your business while safeguarding your reputation and operational efficiency. Laws, practices and regulations constantly change and so do the requirements for the products put on the market. To adhere to these accurately and expand successfully with ease, expertise is required. Our Services provide time saved on the continuous research process, while ensuring full compliance with EU & varying national WEEE regulations. 


¨WEEE¨ stands for ¨waste electric and electronic equipment¨ and refers to end of life electric or electronic equipment. WEEE can range from old or broken mobile phones, washing machines or laptops (these would be considered household WEEE) to servers, automatic dispensers or radiotherapy equipment (these would be considered professional WEEE). In the United States and several other countries it is known as e-waste (electronic waste).

That will depend on how you sell your products. In general, if you sell directly to end users you will be obligated to register as a producer. If you sell through resellers based in the EU you may not have to register as a producer (in that case, your resellers would need to complete the registration). We can help you identify your obligations (taking into account your sales arrangements) and find out whether your resellers are compliant with WEEE regulations.

If you have obligations as a WEEE producer and your products contain batteries, then it’s very likely you will also have obligations as a battery producer in the EU countries where you sell your products.

The EU Directive 2006/66/EC (Battery Directive) and the associated national laws issued by the 27 EU Member States intend to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment by minimizing the negative impact of waste batteries and accumulators. 

Requirements to comply with EU Battery laws are similar to those for WEEE. They include registering as a producer with National Registers, reporting put on market and recycling quantities, providing information to end users and financing and organizing the take-back and recycling of waste batteries and accumulators.

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We act as part of your team

You will have access to representatives in your area while also receiving expert global information. It is important for every business to have reliable information according to each regional compliance protocol.

Carefree service

We provide a personal account manager for each of our unique clients. With all resources needed in one place you will receive consolidated communications and proactive services and information.​

In-depth expertise

Our team gives you the full picture for your specific needs. With our in-depth expertise and data analysis we find the easiest most efficient ways to benefit your company.

Global reach

We have resources all over the world to help you expand your business. Leave the rules and regulations to us so you can focus on the goals of your firm.

Do you need help understanding WEEE (e-waste), batteries or packaging regulations? Schedule a free initial consultation with us and we will answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Do you need help understanding WEEE (e-waste), batteries or packaging regulations? Schedule a free initial consultation with us and we will answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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