Implementation of Compliance Solutions

After completing our comprehensive Obligation Assessment, we implement compliance solutions on our clients’ behalf to fulfil every environmental requirement. Our commitment extends to assuming full responsibility for all compliance-related tasks, including paperwork, regulatory submissions and providing complete responses to any inquire you might have. Every aspect is managed with utmost professionalism, leaving no detail overlooked.

1. Registration with Authorities for WEEE, Batteries & Packaging

Begin the compliance process by registering your business with the appropiate authorities as a national producer under the WEEE Directive and the complementary Battery and Packaging legislation. Rather than a simple formality, registering eliminates any risks of having your products baned from the market.

With our expert execution, the process of registration becomes an easy step in securing your market presence and products’ compliance in every country where you operate. Our service handles the diverse and country-specific registrations, including:

  • Meticulously filling out different registration forms
  • Working with complex and time-consuming bureaucratic processes
  • Ensuring that every detail of your business and products is accurately captured and aligns with each country’s specific regulations

2. Contracting with recycling organizations

Simplify your adherence to the WEEE Directive with our contracting service, adapted to various signing procedures and document types. Thanks to Circular Compliance’s extensive connections within the recycling sector, we know different organizations and their pricing structures, allowing us to select the best options for you based on price and quality considerations.

We actively represent our clients’ interests in negotiations with recycling organizations, based on the terms and conditions that most benefit your business. Our team will take care of your e-waste, packaging & batteries client accounts, while budgeting and helping with the financial plan of your company.

Let your WEEE recycling needs be managed professionally, efficiently and in alignment with your company’s interests and goals.

3. Appointment of Authorized Representatives

Don’t worry about additional steps in the process. In most countries it is mandatory for foreign companies to appoint a local Authorized Representative (AR), which will act on behalf of the producer in that respective territory.

At Circular Compliance, we specialize in taking care of this process for you. We collaborate closely with a well-established network of ARs throughout Europe, enabling us to offer you tailored recommendations for AR services. Our goal is to facilitate the contract and provide a clear assessment of how to proceed, ensuring that your WEEE compliance needs are met effectively and in accordance with the WEEE Directive.


You can check whether your products fall under the scope of the WEEE Directive using this tool from the European Commission. Most electric or electronic products are in scope but there are a few exemptions (military equipment, large-scale stationary industrial tools and some others).

If your products are in scope you may have obligations in the EU countries where you sell your products. This will depend on several factors like whether you sell from local or foreign legal entities, directly to end users or through resellers or the types of products you sell (household vs. professional products).

Your company will need to register in each EU country where it has obligations. The following list shows all European WEEE Registers by country. There is no such thing as a Pan-European WEEE registration (see explanation provided by the European network of WEEE Registers).

Local entities are allowed to register directly with the WEEE National Register whereas foreign entities must appoint an Authorized Representative in each country where they need to register as producers.

In most countries (especially if you sell household products) you will also need to join a collective recycling organization. Those organizations provide several services.

There are many non European companies who sell their products through resellers based in the EU. If those resellers are importing the products into the EU then they will be responsible to register as WEEE producers for those products. However, quite often those resellers (especially those based in Germany) ask manufacturers to do that for them. Some countries (like Germany, Italy and Spain) do allow foreign manufacturers to register on behalf of local resellers whereas others (like the Netherlands and Belgium) don’t allow it. There are also EU countries (like Portugal and Sweden) who only allow companies based in other EU countries to register on behalf of local resellers.

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We act as part of your team

You will have access to representatives in your area while also receiving expert global information. It is important for every business to have reliable information according to each regional compliance protocol.

Carefree service

We provide a personal account manager for each of our unique clients. With all resources needed in one place you will receive consolidated communications and proactive services and information.​

In-depth expertise

Our team gives you the full picture for your specific needs. With our in-depth expertise and data analysis we find the easiest most efficient ways to benefit your company.

Global reach

We have resources all over the world to help you expand your business. Leave the rules and regulations to us so you can focus on the goals of your firm.

Do you need help understanding WEEE (e-waste), batteries or packaging regulations? Schedule a free initial consultation with us and we will answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Do you need help understanding WEEE (e-waste), batteries or packaging regulations? Schedule a free initial consultation with us and we will answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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